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Concept Data has been created by a team of experienced consultants who carry out projects for corporate clients from banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy and FMCG sectors. Our team approachs each client individually, developing a model of co-operation and carrying out planned tasks in accordance with business objectives.Concept Data offers knowledge, skills and solutions in several key business areas:

  • Monitoring services and application environments for performance based on class solutions:
    • APM – application performance management
    • UEM – user experience management
    • DB – database performance management (Oracle and MS SQL)
  • Security services and APT / anti-malware solutions
  • Network / network management / network policy management
  • Identity and access management
    • Identity Management solutions based on SailPoint technology
    • Access Management based on ForgeRock technology
    • PIM/PAM solutions
  • Security of information resources within enterprise based on Imperva solution
  • Automation of business processes and operational tasks based on BMC Control-M solution
  • IT Governance, ITIL and DevOps solutions


Additionally, through partner teams , we carry out work in the areas of integration, communication layer and corporate architecture. Complementing skills in this area are testing processes, technical support, knowledge in the implementing tests and assistance in parameterising and adjusting test tools.

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office: +48 22 833 86 35

fax: +48 22 832 17 19


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