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Process automation

Access management and automation of changes

A comprehensive solution that automates network changes and maintains compliance with security policies and industry standards. Advanced analytics and automation technologies, allows for the managing  processes, introduces changes in the network and application layers.


Control mechanisms define and enforce security policies such as granting access to a given service and conducting periodic certification campaigns allowing for a cyclical process of verification of access status.


Thanks to collected data at the network and application level, building dependencies and links between the infrastructure and the target application (eg a web application located on several servers uses databases located in several DCs) and making sure that the communication between them is continuous, while maintaining its availability orchestration is possible.


This mechanisms allow you to save time and budget for administrative tasks whilst at the same time increasing the level of security and control in the organization.


Automation of access to services, after one-time authentication.


Single Sign-On solution after one-time authentication gives you access to all of the business services in the organisation. As a result, a business user is not forced to authenticate every time  they are  working with different services, which increases the satisfaction of using products.

SSO minimises the risk of unauthorized access and if a potential threat is detected, the solution increases protection by having additional authentication requirements. Centralisation of authorisation management and automation of login processes has an impact on improving the level of control of IT security access and customer satisfaction.

The solution can be used for external services available to the organisation’s clients and internal – employees. Flexibility of the solution allows scalability and full adaptation to the requirements and needs of the organisation.

Automatic installation and application configuration

  • Quick and easy installation and application configuration (single click).
  • Support for Continuous Delivery and production deployments that allow to reduce the production cycle time by providing quick feedback.
  • By Deployment Automation, you can deliver the highest quality software in an efficient and fast way.
  • Installation and configuration time reduced by 90% with 50% less effort.
  • End-to-end deployment in the cloud and on own servers.
  • Complete integration with the entire DevOps toolkit.
  • Self-service for developers.

Automation protects your business

In the world of constant changes the usual approach to automation issues is insufficient. Mythical “Total Cost of Ownership” is only one exemplary aspect causing the organizations use business processes automation tools. That competition is won by those who go beyond the standard. Our recommendation is to use BMC Control-M, the market leading automation kit which:


  • Enables platform independent automation, which frees user from specific platform knowledge and focuses on end effect, which is process realization according to SLA
  • Monitors business processes, pro-actively alerts about errors using multiple communication channels
  • Enables API level integration of different systems and applications
  • Enables global file transfer in complex, distributed systems
  • Delivers plenty of modules for integration with multiple technologies (Hadoop, SAP, Databases, Cloud etc.)


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