DevOps application performance management

Application performance management

A solution that supports the delivery of efficient applications in less time, with zero sampling and visibility 24/7 – even in the most demanding environments.


Note. Find. Fix. Done.


Don’t repeat your old mistakes. The visibility of the problem allows the system to make the right corrections  the first time.


Tracking each transaction regardless of the flow route.


Full visibility of the application transaction flow across all layers  within the application, between components, external content, virtualized layers, user devices and others.


Immediate mapping of end-user problems to the appropriate application code location


It saves time, money and stress. It allows the sysytem  to look at the user’s problem from the inside of the application  with just a few clicks.

End User Monitoring

A solution that supports the understanding and manages the feelings of real users, for all transactions, in any application, from any location, constantly (24/7).


Business View


Transforming any user action into a business measurement. Providing accurate data for the needs of business managers.


A deep dive on technical and development operations


Details of the internal application operations along with full context information. Failure reports

give  full visibility of the actions that led to the system stopping.


Immediate mapping of specific user visits to the relevant place of the application code


A full understanding of the causes of technical problems affecting the quality of user service.


optimization of database performance

Unique solutions for affective optimisation of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database performance, which enables very precise monitoring of database performance and searching for bottlenecks that can be optimized.

Analysis of the parameters read from the databases every 15 minutes enables you to get accurate knowledge of performance problems in the database and solve them with “surgical precision” by fine-tuning only those SQL queries that cause performance problems.


Our unique solution:

  • It measures the exact time of each database process
  • Identifies the bottlenecks in just a few clicks
  • Compares the execution plans for problematic SQL queries

Automatic installation and application configuration

Quick and easy installation and application configuration (single click).

  • Support for Continuous Delivery and production deployments that allows it to reduce the production cycle time by providing quick feedback.
  • With Deployment Automation, you can deliver the highest quality software in a fast and efficient way.
  • Installation and configuration time reduced by 90% with 50% less effort.
  • End-to-end deployment in the cloud and on own servers.
  • Complete integration with the entire DevOps toolkit.
  • Self-service for developers.

Automation in the service of infrastructure

In the systems area common problems are those connected with process  complexity or time pressure imposed by shorter technological breaks. A perfect example would be an issue of Disaster Recovery  where time pressure, procedure complexity, system variety or human factors are possible causes of errors. Control-M solution visualises the switching process  quickly diagnosing which stage of the process the error has occurred (network infrastructure, matrices, etc.). BMC Control-M not only to reduces error probability by replacing the human factor, but also reduces the engagement of highly qualified personnel. BMC Control-M requires only one person to supervise the process and the possibility to call a specialist in a given area when an error occurs.



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