Identity management in the digital world

Providing and controlling access compliance to regulations.

Access Certification, compliance with security policies.


The IAM software allows continuous control over the employees access in terms of currently performed duties and compliance of rights with applicable regulations.

Control mechanisms enable defining and enforcing security policies such as the separation of granted rights and conducting periodic certification campaigns allowing for a cyclical process of verification of the status of subordinate access.

These solutions save time and budget for administrative tasks whilst at the same time increasing levels of security and control in the organisation.

Access management and automation.

Automation of access requests and personnel processes, granting access to managed systems


IAM solution creates a model and implementation of HR processes related to managing the access of systems inside the organisation, supervision of access and acceptance processes and the synchronisation of access to the managed systems within the organisation.

Supported process of automation:

  • hiring new employees by initial creation of accounts and granting system rights, that are personalised for the performed duties,
  • employee role changes within organisations supporting temporary assigning and revoking permission and synchronisation of identity attributes
  • dismissal of the employee by ensuring the exclusion of entitlements and access in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the organisation,
  • allowing access request by selecting the necessary permission using a friendly interface


Active control mechanisms guarantee that the employees will only  have required access. Automatic real time synchronisation system of changes allow the  increase in productivity and satisfaction of users, strengthening security and reducing costs associated with system administration.

Password management

Automatisation of password change process.  Password compliance with password politics


The IAM solution enables global management of organisation password politics, allow changes and password resets for business users, generating passwords for new accounts, and defining policies  in compliance with the  organisation’s requirements.

The central portal provides a unified and intuitive interface that allows business users to change or reset passwords in organisational/organised systems, at the same time providing passwords in  compliance with defined policies.

Requests for password resets or password changes, force the use of  strong passwords raises the level of security simultaneously, reducing the  workload for the Technical Support Service.

SSO Solution- Automatic access to services, after one-time authentication

Single Sign-On solution after one-time authentication gives you access to all of the business services in the organisation. As a result, a business user is not forced to authenticate every time  they are  working with different services, which increases the satisfaction of using products.

SSO minimises the risk of unauthorized access and if a potential threat is detected, the solution increases protection by having additional authentication requirements. Centralisation of authorisation management and automation of login processes has an impact on improving the level of control of IT security access and customer satisfaction.

The solution can be used for external services available to the organisation’s clients and internal – employees. Flexibility of the solution allows scalability and full adaptation to the requirements and needs of the organisation.

Monitoring the status of access and reporting violations

Generate reports on the current status of user rights as well as policies and regulation violations.


The IAM system is a central database of employees, their current and historical access to organisation system as well as information about applicable security policies.

The solution uses real-time monitoring of system changes, estimation of risk related to available access and identification of policy violations. Periodically generated reports contain the actual status of employees entitlements, accounts without identified owners, higher-risk identities, violated policies and much more.


The above monitoring and reporting mechanisms ensure a high level of continuous maintenance in IT security, reducing the risk of attacks carried out using illegally obtained access.


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